I can’t vote for Kimmel; here’s why you should

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, you have an extraordinary opportunity to elect someone with the skills, drive, and will to represent you in St. Paul. Mindy Kimmel has all these traits and more which is why I am supporting her in her race for the State House seat. I met Mindy when I attended a “MN Voices Marching Forward” meeting. This organization is mostly women who attended the Women’s March and wanted to stay active in our community afterward. Mindy had a leading position in the group and was determined to educate its members, facilitate discussions on local issues, and contribute time and effort to those in need in our communities.

Now, I actually live in Nicollet which means that I actually won’t be able to vote for her. Of course, working in New Ulm has opened up an opportunity to work on her campaign and help spread the word about what she stands for. I might have even talked to you when door-knocking or left some literature about her for you to read. I hope you take some serious thought and consideration into voting for Mindy. A candidate who will find common ground amongst us and work for the people and not just the party, unlike our current representative.

Preston Meyer