Nelson’s tactics deserve rejection on Aug. 14

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my support for Jim Hagedorn for Congress. In my years of following politics and watching candidates, I have never seen a harder working, more caring and decent man than Jim.

I have been appalled and offended by the nastiness and outright lies Carla Nelson and her campaign have decided to engage in about who Jim is, where he’s from, his values and his loyalties. It’s obvious Carla has decided to “go negative” rather than having to defend her 29 percent American Conservative Union voting record. That record includes Carla voting against legislation which would have prohibited schools from allowing boys to shower with and use the same bathroom facilities as your daughter.

Carla co-sponsored legislation to give $18 million of your money to the Somali immigrant community in The Cities under the misguided notion that you get people off of welfare by giving them more welfare. And despite living in a district which depends heavily on its agricultural economy, Carla played an instrumental role in killing a bill which would have protected farmers from frivolous lawsuits filed by animal rights activists.

Jim knows and understands the views and values of the entire lst District because Jim has spent the last five years talking to and walking with its constituents at countless county fairs and parades.

I ask you to join me in rejecting Carla Nelson’s negative brand of politics and to vote for southern Minnesota values and respect on Aug. 14 by supporting Jim Hagedorn for Congress.

Scott Waldner

Sleepy Eye