Jim Hagedorn is from here

To the editor:

Jim Hagedorn is running for 1st District Congress and his GOP opponent has, as a last ditch effort, taken her campaign into the gutter with personal attacks and lies. Unfortunately, I don’t think this sort of behavior is over.

Carla Nelson doesn’t want to run on the issues. Her latest lame attack claims that Jim is not from here. I can, and will, attest to the fact that Jim Hagedorn grew up on a farm less than 1/2 mile from me, near Truman. We went to the same Lutheran school in Truman. In fact, Jim is the only contending candidate that was born and raised in the 1st District and grew up on the Family Farm. The conservative candidate in the race for Congress who will work to help our farm families and all families across the District is Jim Hagedorn. He has true empathy for our families and will work tirelessly to help them anyway he can. Jim will fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and has received the NRA’s highest rating, the A rating.

Carla Nelson has advocated for the use of Sticky Traps on the border to stop illegal’s from crossing, she also voted to allow boys to use your daughter’s bathroom at school and to spend $18 million dollars for a so-called “Somali Community Development Grant Program.”

We need to help Jim get elected to Congress; the Primary election is coming up Aug. 14 and he needs your vote. You can also vote at your County Courthouse any business day; it only takes a couple minutes.

Neal Breitbarth



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