Bob Lessard for Greater Minnesota / Aug. 14

To the editor:

Turning your attention toward campaign season in the middle of summer is going to be a tough task, but I’ll give it a try.

This is about the most important race for Attorney General in the history of the state, and the need for you to make sure to vote for Bob Lessard in the Republican primary on Aug. 14.

I believe Keith Ellison, the radical Congressman from Minneapolis, and Vice Chair of the Democrat National Committee, will come out on top of the DFL primary.

Bob is challenging the Republican endorsed candidate to run against the DFLer in the November General Election. The Republican endorsed candidate is from Eagan, served one term in the MN House, has no name recognition, very limited funds, has nothing in common with Greater Minnesota, and can’t win.

I’ve known Bob Lessard for many years through the great work he did for sportsmen, veterans, and Greater Minnesota during his 26 years in the Minnesota Senate.

He passed constitutional amendments on the Right to Hunt, Fish and Trap, and establishing the Minnesota Lottery – both of which contribute greatly to our outdoor culture and heritage. He also laid the groundwork for the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Amendment, which bears his name.

He recognized the benefits pull-tabs would provide to local service groups and charities, and made sure the bill authorizing charitable gambling got through his committee and off the floor.

Bob has strong statewide recognition and support. He is a solid supporter of second amendment rights, is loved by the NRA, and was inducted into the Minnesota Fisherman’s Hall of Fame.

He is a Korean War veteran and chaired the Veterans and Local Government Committee in the MN Senate.

Bob Lessard is our best chance in Greater Minnesota to have someone we know and trust in the Office of Attorney General over the next four years. He will protect the agencies, institutions, and individuals of the state, and promises never to use the office as a platform for radical activism.

Aug. 14 is primary day in Minnesota. Please be sure to get yourselves and your friends to the polling place and vote Bob Lessard in the Republican primary for Attorney General.

Fred L. Froehlich

Mayor – City of Nicollet