Immigration policy options

To the editor:

The question of what to do about illegal immigration is nothing new. Our federal government passes laws they cannot enforce due to court rulings, or choose not to enforce because of public opinion.

The way I see it the two extreme positions are open borders, or build a wall. A Galluyp study indicated about 160 million people want to migrate to the United States. Since the present United States population in about 320 million adding another 160 million does not seem a realistic option.

With the present make-up of Congress, passing a comprehensive immigration bill seems unlikely at best. Comprehensive bills almost always include provisions that partisan legislators call “poison pills.”

With a sense of urgency unusual for them, Congress should take the one step at a time approach and decide on a very narrow bill addressing a critical issue such as family unification. That might out politicians not really interested in solving problems.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato