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To the editor:

District 88’s Technology Director Michael Milbourn says: “The idea of 21st century learning, I have heard that so much … 2lst century education … I do not think it has significance anymore.”


Public school teachers should continue to teach history, Shakespeare, the King James Version of the Christian Bible, classical (Greek) literature, classical music.

These sources completely, beautifully, define the universality of the human condition.

It is only technological details brought about by the passage of time, that differ. There is nothing new under the sun.

Oh, I suppose that vocational training will sneak in, but, I hope, not too much.

Let corporations pay for vocational training in a post-high school setting.

Kids have to know who they are before they can decide what to do.

Teachers shouldn’t be required to attend too many meetings.

Walter O. Jones

Lake Crystal


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