Humane Society

To the editor:

I decided to get involved with the Brown County Humane Society after the Elvis the kitten incident. I turned in my membership form and dues along with my volunteer form and a letter introducing myself and outlining my experience with animals and fundraising. I got an email back stating there were no open volunteer slots, which I would be fine with if there weren’t continued ads in the paper for volunteers or if their web page didn’t have open spots.

I brought the web page to their attention and again offered to volunteer with fundraising. I never got a reply.

In the meantime, I noticed that the comment section on the facebook page are hidden or deleted. Which wouldn’t really bug me if it weren’t on a post about a lost dog from the shelter. Totally understandable that a dog gets loose while being walked. However, if people spotted the dog and they commented on that post, no one could see it unless they happen to be facebook friends with the commenter. So, of course I’m going to comment and bring that to the attention of the humane society. This poor dog as far as anyone knows is still out there.

Another post on a separate page about the same dog, I again comment that it would be great if the original BCHS post would show all the comments. I get told the post is “too political” and the poster deletes the entire post.

So, because I care about these animals and can see that something is not right and am saying something, I am now unable to volunteer at all with the humane society. Will I continue to support it? Heck yeah. I support the animals. After all, this is all about the animals.

This shelter does a great and needed service, but something must change.

Kelly Jo Anderson

New Ulm