Driving is more than just a habit

To the editor:

With the new road construction in and around the New Ulm area, there are many changes in our regular driving habits in and around town.

The Highway 14 and Nicollet County 37 intersection interests me most. That is one of my most used roads to enter the south end of town.

In this short time of construction I have witnessed three non-stops at that intersection. This morning, May 3, there was a semi ahead of me on East Hwy. 14. The driver never touched the brakes. He drove right through the instersection. Fortunately the driver from east 14 planning to turn left into New Ulm recognized he wasn’t going to stop. He didn’t stop because of habit. The driver maybe drove the route thousands of times.

I am looking forward to the new construction, but I hope and pray that it doesn’t cost us more than just money.

Paul Guggisberg