Manmade aerosols and global warming

To the editor:

The author of ‘Where are weather doomsday forecasters?’ (April 19), said: “Letter writers who subscribe to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) have been silent for a few weeks.” and that: ” ..scientists have computed the climate impact of every nation fulfilling every Paris Agreement promise would result in a global temperature reduction of 0.086 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100.”” human influence on weather, therefore climate, is miniscule.”

My April 13, 2018 issue of ‘Science’, says that by reducing the amount of aerosols (like particle sulfates from coal fired plants, etc.), we are actually causing warming. And, that climate simulations indicate that without anthropogenic (man-made) aerosols, global mean surface warming would be .5 degree Centigrade higher than present.

How ironic, environmentalist groups like Sierra Club have shut down hundreds of coal fired plants since 2010, but in doing so, they actually contributed to global warming! I wonder if they will now campaign to bring back coal burning plants to save the planet.

Phil Drietz