Schell’s limiting areas for pre-prom photos

To the editor:

Over the years, Schell’s Brewery and Gardens has been a very popular spot for Pre-Prom pictures. Many, many students, their dates and family members come out to use our beautiful setting for this.

Unfortunately, in the past, there has been quite a bit of damage done from groups taking pictures together, especially in the elevated area behind the mansion. One year, this area never recovered from all this traffic and had to be all repaired and replanted.

Due to the past damages in our gardens, areas will not be open for pictures on Prom dates. We ask that you all please respect our property, signage and fencing and avoid the areas marked as “Closed.” There are other places within the grounds that you can use, but we must keep the back area off limits. Also, the areas in front of the museum — these are heavy traffic areas, and you must use extreme caution if pictures are taken there, at all.

Also – due to our requirements by the police department and a possible need for emergency vehicles to get in the Brewery at any given time, we must ask that you only park on one side of the roadway coming into the brewery. For safety reasons, any vehicles blocking the roadway may be towed.

We are glad the public enjoys using our private Gardens, but, just a reminder – this is still our place of business. There are certain rules that we all must abide by, for the safety of all our visitors, and the preservation of our Brewery grounds.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Jodi Marti

Special Projects Coordinator

August Schell Brewing Co.