Stop the 7% cut to rates for disability supports

To the editor:

Day programs across Minnesota that provide services to people who have disabilities are facing 7 percent cuts, putting services at risk. Some of these cuts are planned to take place July 1, 2018, with ALL individuals being affected in 2019.

The Problem: In late February, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) received notification from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of a problem with Minnesota’s rate setting policy for Minnesotans receiving home and community-based services (HCBS). If the problem is not fixed by the state legislature, the issue will result in a 7 percent cut to the reimbursement rates for services received by several thousand Minnesotans with disabilities. A cut of 7 percent will prove devastating to affected individuals and the staff that serve them.

The Solution: The Best Life Alliance, a statewide coalition of more than 130 organizations, people with disabilities, families and supporters advocating for community based disability services, is advancing legislation to stop this 7 percent cut. The Best Life Alliance 2018 Legislation (SF2889/HF 3191) stops this 7 percent cut.

Please contact your legisaltors:

MN State Senator: Sen. Gary Dahms at 651- 296-8138, or email him at: sen.gary.dahms@senate.mn

MN State Representative: Rep. Paul Torkelson at 651-296-9303 or 888-727-3891, or email him at: rep.paul.torkelson@house.mn

Share with them that the upcoming 7 percent cut to Home and Community-Based Disability Services would be devastating to Minnesotans with disabilities who access services, as well as their staff who provide critical supports to help them live their best lives. Ask them to please speak with the leadership of your caucus and tell them that restoring the 7 percent cut by passing SF 2889/ HF 3191 needs to be a priority this session! The time is now to stand up for your constituents who have disabilities and their hardworking, dedicated staff by joining with us to stop the 7 percent Cut!”

Karen Omori

Executive Director

Enterprise North, Inc.

New Ulm


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