The real purpose of the 2nd Amendment

To the editor:

A recent letter spoke in favor of “Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation.” This letter was written by my fellow classmate from NUHS Class of 1979. My classmate and I differ on each other’s perception of “Common Sense” when it comes to gun control and the 2nd Amendment. We might also differ on what the initial intent of the 2nd Amendment was, and its meaning

today. The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting or self defense. The 2nd Amendment was created to protect us from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

The 2nd Amendment was written to guarantee citizens the right to posses equal firepower to resist our own government should that ever become necessary. The weapons were different then, but the same principal applies today. Our first mistake was to allow our government to outlaw citizen possession of the same fully automatic guns the military uses. We started the slippery slope of giving just one “Common Sense” restriction. Now the big push is to restrict access to the evil looking AR-15. Eventually they will want semi-automatic pistols, knives with long blades, etc., as well.

As students in the 70s, most of us read the book “1984” as a part of our English curriculum. Published in 1949, the book was a fictional look forward in time. “1984” illustrated a government in total control of the lives of its citizens as opposed to the citizens controlling their own government. Scary stuff, like cameras watching your every move, and “Double Speak”. In 1979 most of those things seemed far-fetched. Today, it doesn’t seem so impossible. Cameras in stores, on stop lights, and even our cell phones. Who has the ability to tap into YOUR cell phone camera? Today’s “Double Speak” is known as “Political Correctness.” Does “Big Brother” affect your life today? As a student, I never really cared for English classes, but I loved History. I would suggest we could all learn a lot from History.

Our forefathers were intelligent people who created a Constitution that has worked for 240 years. They had experienced not

being able to resist their kings, czars, and other forms of government control. That’s why they came here. The United States IS the last stand. There is nowhere else to flee. Please people, learn from history! Learn from Adolf Hitler, who said to gain control of citizens, it is first necessary to disarm the people. He did exactly that. Hitler also suggested not to try to accomplish your goals all at once. Instead, chip away at things so that the erosion of freedoms is less noticeable. He did that too. Today our government is trying to chip away at our guns and freedom. Regulations of all aspects of life, “wire taps” on private citizens, “Common Sense” gun safety legislation. Get the idea? Learn from history. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Not my quote, but I think it makes common sense.

Paul Platz