Norwegian grand marshal gives a blessing

To the editor:

I was asked by the Irish to be the grand marshal in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I understand they wanted a Norwegian to upgrade the atmosphere. They promised something white to eat at the end of the parade. Obviously I thought it would be lefse and lutefisk, but as the day comes closer, I am concerned it may be something smelly like sauerkraut or something with no taste like corned beef and cabbage. I hope Ole and Lena will show up and tell us some of their stories; anything is better than the blarney of the Irish. I offered to play the tuba for entertainment, but I was told the Irish would not be able to do their Irish jig, because they can’t count past two for the three-step waltz. So I end this letter in a Norwegian blessing: may the blue bird of happiness fly with care over your day.

Scott Rysdahl

New Ulm