More double standards

To the editor:

In recent letters a writer expressed anger at liberals, who he believes are planning to take his guns and his rights. He described himself as an NRA member, so I understand where some of that misinformation and anger aimed at liberals comes from. I bet the NRA made the same phone call to his home that they made to mine after the CNN forum with the Parkland students, warning that “our enemies” (Democrats and liberals) are coming for our guns and our second amendment rights — so send us some money. When the long rant was over I asked if the kids from Parkland are the enemy, but I didn’t get an answer. I heard their side, but they hung up on me. Now there’s a double standard.

The NRA has forgotten some people joined as hunters and sportsmen decades ago, before politics was the NRA’s focus. For 100 years the NRA supported, and even wrote, legislation similar to the gun violence prevention measures it now opposes, and their opposition is wrapped up in the worst of the conspiracy theories and political mud-slinging of the far right. Forget the politics and labels. There isn’t one side against all gun ownership and another against any attempt to control the misuse of guns. Democrats and liberals hunt, shoot for sport, and want to protect their homes and families too. What the majority of Americans want are measures that protect rights and protect people; like background checks on every sale, limits on magazine capacity, increasing rather than cutting the budget of federal programs that help states improve reporting to the national background-check database and allowing the study of gun violence. There are many possibilities. Can’t we talk about what we need to do to protect those we love, rather than what we can’t do because of who we’re encouraged to hate?

The NRA has been on the attack against actors, athletes, and cable news hosts who disagree with their agenda. Yet they use actors and athletes in their ads and to speak on cable news with hosts who push their agenda. Double standard. They cry “fake news” after spending the Obama years spreading fake news about his proposals. Double standard. The NRA holds rallies, raises money to lobby legislators, and encourages citizens to contact their representatives. When citizens with a different agenda exercise the same rights the NRA calls them terrorists and says they hate America. Their spokesperson on NRA-TV tells them their “time is up” and “we’re coming for you.” That’s far beyond a double standard.

Patricia Missling