Conservative speaker was Milo Yiannopoulos

To the editor:

Recently, there was an editorial in this newspaper that was talking about “conservative speakers” being barred from speaking at the University of Washington due to prohibitively expensive security fees. This letter, however, lacks details on who exactly the speaker was. Surely if the speaker is a conservative with a good reputation, then you would have no problem running their name with your article. So who is this champion of conservatism? Milo Yiannopoulos.

Some of you may not know about Milo, seeing as he isn’t really famous for anything besides being affiliated with neo-nazis and white supremacists. What is interesting is that while he claimed to not be with them at all, “in October 2017, BuzzFeed News published leaked email chains from Yiannopoulos’ tenure at Breitbart, showing that he and Bokhari, (Allum Bokhari, Author at Breitbart) regularly solicited ideas for stories and comments from neo-Nazis.”

“Among the figures Yiannopoulos contacted were Curtis Yarvin, a central figure of the neoreactionary movement; Devin Saucier, editor of the white supremacist magazine American Renaissance; Andrew Auernheimer (weev), administrator of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, a well known hive for fascists to lurk; and Baked Alaska, an alt-right media personality known for his anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi views. The majority of these people were contacted in order for Milo to write up an apologia for the alt-right called “An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right“, which aimed to whitewash the white supremacist and neo-Nazi people from the movement, or make their input seem insignificant – the same white supremacists and neo-Nazis Milo was asking for help from!” It was also revealed that his password was LongKnives1290, a reference to the Night of Long Knives, were elements in the nazis party that weren’t in support of Hitler and his fascism were killed. This included left-wing parts of the party and conservatives.

I implore conservatives to not fall for the traps that these fascists are putting out. Milo shouldn’t be given a platform by Republicans to incite violence and spew hate. When they do, they are indirectly pushing hate crime numbers up. According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, out of 940 potential bias incidents, 451 stemmed from an anti-muslim bias. That is a 91 percent increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes during a period in 2017 compared to a similar period in 2016. If you want to talk about thugs using violence, let’s start with those who are violently attacking people who are labeled as different.

Preston Meyer