Vote for Dan Feehan in 1st District

To the editor:

This is a letter to endorse Dan Feehan for 1st District Congress.

I have met Dan and am so impressed with his professional but down to earth manner. s well as really like his views for Southern MN. He is always so respectful. We need much more respect in D.C.!!

As a retired nurse I like his position on health care, his position on clean energy, his position on agriculture and education.

Dan is a service oriented volunteer extraordinaire. Proves this with his Service Saturday’s throughout our district. This includes a Service Saturday in Hanska at our Community Library with a group of dedicated young people doing two weeks of work for me in two hours!! He worked right along with all the other volunteers.

Dan is a Veteran, which is important to me as a veteran. My husband, son, five brothers, dad, various other family and friends are veterans as well. Dan served as acting assistant secretary of defense at the Pentagon so he is ready to be in D.C. During this time he worked hard for our LBGT veterans as well as other veterans.

Dan is also a teacher who took on some tough challenges. He volunteered for these jobs: teaching at risk 1st graders in Chicago’s south side as well as middle grade math in Gary, IN. He knows the needs for education first hand. His wife, Amy is also a teacher.

Dan grew up in Red Wing, MN, and yes, he moved: college and two Army Combat tours in Iraq where he learned fist hand serving others.

Dan is now serving as an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New America.

I am honored and excited to host a Meet & Greet over coffee with Dan this Saturday, Jan. 27 from 1:30-3 p.m. at the Hanska Community Center, 201 Broadway in library area. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask your questions, address your concerns.

Darlene Nelson



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