Respect for the national anthem

To the editor:

I am writing about the column by Mr. Jake Calhoun (regarding professional athletes refusing to stand during the national anthem). He says the purpose of a newspaper is to promote a healthy constructive dialogue. You are in your own little echo chamber. The refusal to stand during the national anthem isn’t justified for any protest. This act is not patriotic. The national anthem shouldn’t be used as a platform to protest.

Disciplinary actions can’t be taken against the players. The national anthem is more than a special moment. We have to understand that people do have rights and we want to respect the national anthem at the same time. Mr. Calhoun doesn’t know the importance of the national anthem in American history. The protests of African-Americans during the Civil Rights movement were not all peaceful.

I want Mr. Calhoun to recite the national anthem to get my point. The freedom is from the control of another country and the people who died to get this freedom. Mr. Kaepernick made the decision to protest. I hope he finds a new landing spot. Patriotism is bigger than a sport. This is about the respect people have for the national anthem in this country. A message needs to be sent that enough is enough of these protests. Hatred and bigotry shouldn’t be in this country. This article hurts the people who fought for this country.

Lenny Stern

New Ulm