We have to stay united for US to be strong

To the editor:

David Nelson wrote a letter with the heading “How is this helping Americans?” We can all have an opinion of how things are to be done, usually there are more ways to accomplish them, but insurance is something that should have been left up to the insurance companies. Now that Barack Obama has ruined that, President Donald Trump is trying to change this so as not to bankrupt this nation, but so far into his presidency, he hasn’t been given a chance without some protest or another.

You talk about lies, since you feel that we believe lies, we are not intelligent people. If Hillary Clinton would have been elected there wouldn’t have been much we could have believed. Hillary lost the election when she called half of Trump supporters a basket of DEPLORABLES and now the FBI is trying to blame it on collaborating between the Trump administration and Russia. If this is happening then our election process needs to change. CBS was so sure that Hillary had it all sewed up, but it didn’t happen, the people had spoken and after five months they are still spinning from her losing the election.

We would all like to see the United States continuing to be strong and the only way to achieve this would be to stay united. United we stand, Divided we fall. We have elections and we can identify as Republicans and Democrats but after the election we should identify as Americans working together, bi-partisan for the good of the country.

I am a Christian and believe that we should treat everyone as equals, which we haven’t been doing very well. I do believe that if you want to come into our country you should do it legally and get your citizenship papers.

Roger Nielsen



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