Maybe we need another government agency

To the editor:

On the front page of your paper March 22, 2017 is an article about a cleanup on the Minnesota River; $82,000 in taxpayers’ money will need to be spent. I woner where the Army Corps of Engineers is, or where the DNR has been. Even our Highway Department has an engineer.

This has been going on for more than a few months and, knowing the river, it started out with just one tree, but now it is an $82,000 problem.

Our governor and state Legislature and federal agencies are spending a lot of time on the Buffer Bill, never considering what happens below. In my watching. The silt in the Minnesota River is caused between the end of the tile, be it the farm or storm sewer and the river, and also in the river. In my lifetime I have seen the Minnesota River make two oxbows right at New Ulm here.

Harley Vogel

New Ulm


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