Save the community garden

To the editor:

Tuesday March 21 the article, “Public Hearing to be Set in Liquor License Violation.” Buried in the article was the disheartening news that Putting Greens Environmental Learning Center, community garden, and mini golf would be ending their lease on the land from the city. The city council is going to be making a decision on what will be done with the land. The garden needs to be kept open.

I’ve been gardening two plots in the garden going on three years. We moved to town from the Twin Cities and our soil isn’t terrific for gardening. I was thrilled to learn of the community garden where I could rent a plot for $40 and have all the tools and water I needed. The garden enables me to show my three young boys the magic of nature: watching tiny seeds transform into plants with fruit to be harvested. I’ve watched classes of kids connection kids-connect to nature: they bicycle to the garden, plant, weed, haul mulch, and learn about conservation. I’ve also been able to foster relationships with other people over the shared love of gardening or at least the shared hate of the ever present mosquitoes and weeds.

Putting Greens has also made a huge effort to plant native flowers and bushes to help the declining bee and butterfly populations. Last, but not least, the garden provides fresh organic produce for families and even the food shelf.

The community garden needs to be saved for the betterment of New Ulm. Contact your local councilors to let them know the garden should be kept running.

Emily Korbel

New Ulm


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