Hoping there will be a bonding bill

To the editor:

In The Journal article on Jan. 27 Gov. Dayton called for $75 million for the expansion of pre-k school funding. In The Journal on Jan. 28 Senator Dahms calls for $184 million for the expansion of Hwy. 14 to 4 lanes from Nicollet to New Ulm while Rep. Torkelson calls for $117 million for the same overdue project. Rep. Torkelson says that the Transportation Committee he chairs may not have a hearing and that the bill is a heads-up for the Capital Investment Committee which puts together the bonding bill.

But what are the odds of getting a bonding bill this year? I sincerely hope they are good but in 2016 Senator Dahms and Rep Torkelson asked for a “do over” special session which never happened. Hwy. 14 and Pre-K funding are worthy projects but what kind of compromises can be reached? Will our representatives end up blaming the Democratic governor who doesn’t see things their way as the reason bills don’t get passed and passed on time?

Darrell Hinsman

New Ulm