Opposition to Trump policies

To the editor:

We write this letter in response to several recent letters regarding the Women’s March. One letter stated, “It’s important to keep in mind that Donald Trump was elected president based on his proposed policies, not his personality.” We couldn’t agree more. It is precisely his policies that we oppose. In his first week in office, we have seen just how devastating his policies are and the confusion and chaos they have created in our country already. We are horrified and concerned by Trump’s recent policies, specifically, we oppose the changes on the National Security Council and the Muslim ban.

We met this week to write our legislators, asking them to fight for our right to Economic Opportunity, Healthcare, Human Dignity and Personal Safety, Just Immigration Policies, Protection of Air, Land and Water, Representation and Reproductive Freedom and Care. This is why we march.

We are truly alarmed for the future of our country. We are organizing, mobilizing and resisting. We are only getting started. Every authoritarian, totalitarian and fascist regime in history eventually failed, thanks to the people. This is not a moment. This is a movement.

Heather Bregel, Jon Bregel, Peggy Sundell, Anne Donnelly-Rieke, Bernice Schmitz, Marinda Kimmel, Judith Nelson, Yvonne Weber, Michal Anderson-Lowther, Cheryl B. Neidt, Vicki Sieve, Wendi Ringhofer, Alma Marin, Rhonda Olson, Katie Scheurer, Joan Lindholm, Katie Dorschner, Sara Fliflet, Katy Hemberger, Peter Hemberger, Kristine Paulson, Louise Guggisberg, Colleen Hokenson, Kara Jorve, Sara Christiansen, Andrea Boettger, Theresa Keaveny, Mary Gulden Groebner, Amanda CM Groebner, Brooke Knisley, Kellie Newman, MD, Sanjeev Mishra, Sameeksha Mishra, Sanjar Kumar Mishra, Vanita Mishra, Sarah Sjogren Leslie, Carolyn Borgen, Jen Waloch, Britta Babel, Jackie Krehbiel, Kristi Schlangen Lindquist, Rayna Schmid, Emily Groebner-Albrecht, Brittany Brindle, Megan Benage, Ingrid Liedman, Mary Kluge, Ruth Ann Webster, Margean Hendrycks, Julia Coulson, Sasha Danielle Seifert, Ivy Harrison


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