Media bias

To the editor:

After picking up my newspapers from the mailbox Saturday, Jan. 28 after the Pro-Life March on Friday Jan. 27 I looked at the front page and I was expecting a headline to read, “Vice-President Mike Pence speaks at Pro-Life rally” and there was nothing on the front page about the rally, not even a staff writer article. I couldn’t believe there was nothing about our vice-president speaking at the Pro-Life rally.

When the Pro-Choice Women’s March was, for days before and days after, The Journal had big headlines on the front page about the Pro-Choice Women’s March that was written by the AP and local staff writers about two women from New Ulm who went to the rally in Washington before the inauguration and after the inauguration, a story about the women when they came back. They also had a picture of the people from Brown County who went to the State rally.

Now, where was the coverage of the Pro-Life rally? Finally I found an AP article on the inside or page two of the Journal and the headline was “Anti-abortion groups hold triumph rally,” after Obama years. In Sunday’s Journal was a small article, page two written by the AP, “Pence helps bring new energy to anti-abortion rally in Washington.” Again nothing on front page about anti-abortion rally.

The more I think about it, the more upset I get. I am becoming a little angry about nothing on the front page about the Pro-Life movement, compared to the coverage of Pro-Choice and Women’s March and no coverage of our vice-president and our Pro-Life movement on the front page.

I think our local newspaper is a little biased. We do have Freedom of the Press but Freedom of the Press shouldn’t be biased, it should be truthful and fair to both parties. That’s my opinion and I am sticking to it. Now not so angry old white guy now that we have a Republican President and a Republican House and Senate.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm