Trump’s fantastic inaugural address

To the editor:

I feel President Trump’s speech was fantastic and upbeat, stating that we, the forgotten men and women, will be forgotten no more and that he will work hard for we the people of the United States, striving to make all of our lives better. This would be a welcome change to the ignorance, lies and cover-ups we’ve gotten from the administration of the last eight years.

As for these protesters and anarchists, the are reacting to rhetoric and lies they received from the liberals and biased media. Maybe they should instead be aiming their messages to other countries such as Saudi Arabia where women are possessions and have NO RIGHTS of their own. That would be a worthwhile cause.

Also, I’ve heard some women say that the anti-abortion people should respect the pro=abortion women’s views as to what they do with their bodies. My question is, where’s the dignity and concerns regarding the millions of tiny souls rising to heaven after being slaughtered through abortion when mankind decided it was OK to violently end their little lives and their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

If some of these protesters would have actually paid attention and actually heard what was said, present day President Trump (not from 40 years ago) is a devoted, caring family man of faith whose aim is to help, heal and bring us all together, as in his speech he said, “We all have the same breath of life from the Almighty Creator.”

My message is to protesters and liberals, please quit trying to divide our nation further causing more chaos! Listen to our President Donald Trump when he says, “Nothing is beyond our reach when we are unified” and let’s make American greater than ever before! TOGETHER!

Bonnie Howk

New Ulm