Bias against Trump

To the editor:

Last Sunday’s column by Greg Orear is very typical of the uninformed bias that exists in much of our political and media leadership today.

This statement: “However, what makes these confrontations uniquely Trump, is that they are starting to include a growing element of violent behavior” is an excellent example of what Conservatives are frequently confronted with. Liberal thugs attempt to violently shut down a Trump rally and somehow our media seem unable to connect the outcome with the thug’s activity and motives. Bill Ayers and both bragged about their success in disrupting Trump’s Chicago rally yet much media focus is on one individual, in North Carolina, out of a crowd of many thousands, who acted very inappropriately. Somehow many of us have missed the numerous Conservative thuggish organizations threatening to disrupt a Democrat’s rally?

If Trump were to follow the suggestion to simply ignore these thugs he would be conceding the stage to individuals and organizations whose idea of political discourse is to violently intimidate the opposition into silence. This tactic, of physical intimidation, has a long history of success on college campuses where spineless administrators acquiesce to liberal student thug’s demands that Conservatives not be allowed to speak or if allowed on campus they allow them to be shouted down out of “respect” for the student thugs’ First Amendment rights.

Liberals’ unwillingness to protect us by enforcing our borders places all of us at risk. They would have us believe that only the poor and dispossessed are attempting to enter the US and requiring that they be properly vetted would unduly burden them. Of course, an ISIS camp located about ten miles south of the Texas border is probably designed to encourage cultural interaction and tourism and we should welcome relations with organizations like these. Some might want to check on what our border agents, sheriffs and ranchers have to say about the type of traffic crossing our southern border.

“Don’t let Muslims in” is a typical miss-representation of what Trump said. He actually said “Let’s stop Muslim immigration until we figure out what the hell is going on.” The typically uninformed political and media leadership we have mindlessly repeats the mantra about peaceful Muslims. It apparently doesn’t occur to them to verify what is going on in Europe’s hundreds of Muslim no-go zones and the terror being inflicted on European locals by their recent un-vetted Muslim immigrants. Also, there is ample evidence that many of the mosques in the US preach hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.

Deprived of proper vetting the Muslims we want here as our brother, neighbor, friend and fellow American bear a burden of suspicion caused by those Muslims allowed to immigrate here who would do us harm. That burden, they bear, should properly fall on the shoulders of the Liberals who refuse to support proper vetting of immigrants.

Vern Clobes

Cocoa Beach, Fla. & New Ulm