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Graduation Time

Graduation season is upon us. Several college and high school graduation ceremonies are scheduled for week, with others scheduled for next weekend.

Sleepy Eye High School’s graduation was Friday. Cathedral High School of New Ulm will hold their graduation ceremony Sunday. River Bend Education District will hold a graduation Tuesday. New Ulm High School’s graduation is Friday, May 24. Minnesota Valley Lutheran and Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s will each hold graduation ceremonies Sunday, May 26.

These graduating classes include hundreds of students from the local community who completed a major step. Some of these students will remain in the community following graduation, but others will move on to continue their education/careers in other communities. Wherever they go, The Journal wishes the class of 2024 the best of luck.


Fake threats continue to delay schools

Thursday, start times at Sleepy Eye Schools were delayed two hours because of a potential bomb threat. It was reported on a social media platform. Brown County Sheriff’s Office later determined it was not a credible threat.

While it is a relief there was no real threat to public safety, it is disappointing how frequently area school districts are forced to take precaution against threats like this. On average, The Journal reports on a threat made against area schools a couple of times each year. This is not unique to Brown County schools. Bomb and shooting threats are common at districts across the county. Any person looking to disrupt a school day can easily do so by posting the correct series of words to social media.

What is frustrating is school administration and local law enforcement has to take every threat seriously. They do not have the luxury of ignoring a threat when the consequences are so high.


The Timberwolves force game seven

The NBA Western Conference semifinal will come down to a winner-take-all game seven thanks to The Timberwolves decisive win over the Nuggets in game six. This is only The Timberwolves second time in the Western Conference finals. Their last appearance was in 2004.

Forcing a seventh game after a three game losing streak is an impressive feat. It shows this Minnesota team does not give up easily. The seventh game on Sunday will determine if The Timberwolves advance to the finals, but they have already achieved one the team’s best seasons.


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