Thumbs Up/Down

Here’s to SPOTS

THUMBS UP: The youth group SPOTS (Students Performing On Tough Situations) is celebrating its 20th anniversary on April 14. The group, part of Healthy Communities / Healthy Youth, does just what its name suggests. These kids get together, and with the help of director Sheldon Rieke, examine issues and situations that are challenging to them and their fellow students, from bullying, to abuse, to drinking and drug use, and now even vaping.

 They come up with skits that lay out the problems and explore solutions, then they rehearse these skits and go perform them for in their schools, to let others know that they aren’t alone with their problems, and that maybe they can do something about them.

Over the past 20 years, this group, whose membership changes year to year, has given over 1,000 performances.

SPOTS is hoping to have a reunion this year at the HC/HY celebration at the New Ulm Country Club next week. If you or your kids have ever been part of the group, you will be welcome to join in the celebration of 20 years of doing good things for kids.

New City Manager

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Chris Dalton, who was selected this week by the New Ulm City Council to be the city manager on a permanent basis.

His first job, of course, will be to select a new assistant city manager, one who can take over Dalton’s duties as assistant city manager/ economic development director for the city. The need for an economic development person has not abated in the past year. Dalton seemed to be off to a good start before being thrust into the city manager’s position. It would be a shame to let that progress fade away.

We hope Dalton’s tenure is as long and successful as those of his predecessors.

Flood waters abating

FINGERS CROSSED: The flood waters along the Cottonwood and Minnesota Rivers crested this week and are slowly dropping, but it’s too soon to say the flood danger is over. A good, hard rain in the area, or upstream, will send the waters rising again.

We should all keep our fingers crossed until conditions return to normal.