Thumbs Up/Down

Stay safe on roads

Sideways Thumb: The rash of accidents on New Ulm streets this week follow a familiar theme. Two cars approach an intersecton, one tries to stop and it slides into the intersection on the slippery, greasy ice. Or one car following another tries to slow down as the other one does, and winds up rear-ending the other car as the tires fail to hold on the ice.

The New Ulm Street Department crews have been battling to clear the ice, but in the subzero temps this week, nothing has been effective.

So, please, drive slow. Leave extra room between you and the car ahead. Approach intersections carefully and brake much farther away than you normally would. Until the weather warms up and helps melt the ice, we need to be careful.

More for MnLARS

Thumbs Down: Gov. Tim Walz is asking for an influx of $15.7 million for the state’s troubled License and Registration System. Despite millions already spent above budget over the years, the system is still not working right, leaving motorists waiting unreasonably long times for their vehicle registrations or drivers licenses.

The millions spent on this fruitless project is regrettable, but it is gone and spent. All we can hope is that money that is being asked for now will be spent effectively. Legislators need to examine the governor’s request carefully to make sure we aren’t throwing good money after bad, but will actually be accomplishing something.

Snow days

Thumbs Up: It’s always difficult for school officials tasked with the responsibility to call off school when weather makes things dangeous. We think local school officials have been doing a good job this past week. We also give credit to businesses and organizations who have been closing early to give employees a chance to get home while the traveling is still safe.

Minnesota Nice doesn’t always refer to the weather, and we appreciate the experience of those who make these decisions.