No room for racist rant in America

Alma Marin simply spoke her mind recently about her opinion of our current president. She told The Journal’s “Whats on your mind?” reporter that the just-ended government shutdown shows what a “bad president” we have.

Perhaps the person who responded by sending Marin a hate-filled, racist, misogynistic, homophobic — and anonymous — letter, thought he could bully and terrorize her. He thought wrong.

He has only shown himself to be a hate-filled coward and a bigot. His letter is only remarkable in the number of different ways he insulted ethnic groups and anyone different from him, and for the large amount of anger one little negative comment about Donald Trump seems to have generated.

The writer says Marin has not “earned” the freedoms that others have given us. Americans don’t “earn” their rights. They aren’t “given” to us. We are born with them, as all people are, and they are “unalienable” rights that can’t be taken away by anyone. Those rights includes the right to say you don’t like the president.

Hillary Clinton infamously described half of Trump’s supporters in the 2016 campaign as being in a “basket of deplorables.” Trump supporters rightly took umbrage and made it a rallying cry against Clinton.

But when you look a the kind of racist rant contained in the letter sent to Alma Marin, apparently in defense of Trump, there’s one word that truly describes it. Deplorable.

There should be no room for that in America, or in New Ulm. We should be better than that. Thank goodness most of us are.