How long can we go without non-essential government?

One of the big risks facing furloughed and laid-off “non-essential” government employees is the idea that people may soon realize just how non-essential they are. The longer the government shutdown over the Border Wall lasts, the more people may realize that we really don’t need this agency or that bureaucrat.

There’s no doubt our federal government is a bloated behemoth. It spends money it doesn’t have, all because someone, somewhere convinced lawmakers or regulators that we need to have this program or that program, even if we really don’t.

Perhaps Congress should be taking this opportunity to evaluate which of the “non-essential” services that are on hold while the government is shut down are really needed, and should be started back up once the shutdown inevitably ends. We are positive that the government could come up with enough savings to more than cover the $5 billion President Trump wants for his border wall.