Easy test: Will Pelosi negotiate on border wall?

At one point in time, critics rightly called out American lawmakers for being too cozy with one another. Democrats and Republicans happily engaged in logrolling to pass their pet projects and programs, getting federal largesse flowing to their home districts. That legacy is part of the reason the nation has a $20 trillion debt and regular budget deficits.

The polarized political environment we have seen in recent years has resulted, in some ways, in an opposite effect. As the little deals disappeared, so has major bipartisan legislationd. So major problems go unresolved. In today’s political environment, everyone wants to “stand their ground” rather than negotiate.

We can’t help but wonder if a little cooperation now and then, in the form of compromise, would go a long way.

Let’s look at one example: President Donald Trump and many Republicans favor a stronger Southern border, including the construction of a wall. The goal is to prevent illegal immigration. Republicans do not oppose orderly, legal immigration.

At present, Democrats simply want to deny Trump the border wall. Apparently that position sells for them, but reversing it could leverage infrastructure spending that would benefit many of the urban areas from which Democrats garner votes.

Maybe Democrats will rethink their approach, but recent political history has shown that opposition steeped in hatred (of the president) seems to be more important than any constructive activity or goal.

House Speaker-to be Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are ready to work on behalf of the American people. If she means it, then she should give Trump his wall funding in exchange for something in return. Will she?