You have a personal interest in voting

You may be asking yourself, “Why is it so important that I vote today?”

There are a lot of good reasons, but one of the best is that it is in your own best interest to vote, to elect someone who will represent you and your interests.

We will be electing US senators and representatives today. The balance of power and control on Capitol Hill could change with today’s vote. What happens to your taxes, to your health care coverage, to the roads and bridges you drive could change with the balance of power.

We are electing a new governor and other state officials, along with the House of Representatives in the Legislature. Funding for education, for public services, for transportation projects and so on are at stake.

Members of local school boards and city councils are being elected. The schools your children go to, the public services you expect from your city, from parks to potholes to policing, will be led by the people we elect. A new Brown County Sheriff is being elected, affecting one of the major public safety departments in the area. Several school districts are holding tax levy referendums, affecting local tax bills and also the kind of educational programs that can be offered.

All of this will affect you in one way or another. So, vote in your own self interest.