Thumbs Up/Down


THUMBS UP: The HermannFest celebration in New Ulm continues to grow and thrive. The celebration takes place today at Hermann Heights Park and Harman Park, under the gaze of Hermann himself.

Hermann has a special place in world history, the Cheruscan chief who set back the advances of the Roman Empire in 9 A.D., driving the Romans once and for all from northern Europe in what would become Germany. The impact on European and world history has been hard to measure.

Hermann is also a big part of New Ulm’s history, and so he is celebrated today, along with the New Ulm Battery and lots of other unique aspects of New Ulm.

It all culminates with a spectacular fireworks show. Whether or not you are interested in German or New Ulm history, everyone loves a good fireworks show.

Thanks to the Hermann Monument Committee and the city of New Ulm for this special day.

More to celebrate

THUMBS UP: The day after HermannFest, the fun continues in New Ulm with the Lions Club Fly-In Breakfast, always a fun time, especially if the weather is good, which it promises to be. After that, Goosetown neighborhood will celebrate its own history and character in Riverside Park with “Gemütlichkeit in Goosetown, from 12 to 4 p.m.

Have a happy weekend.

Monarch revival

THUMBS UP: It has been interesting to see the greater number of monarch butterflies fluttering around in New Ulm this year. Myron Fluegge was kind enough to share photos of the masses of monarchs he found on his farm near Klossner this week, getting ready to migrate to Mexico.

In recent years, people have been worrying about the seeming reduction in the number of monarchs and other insects that perform important pollination tasks. Efforts were started to plant pollinator parks and people were encouraged to grow milkweed, which monarchs love.

Whether the pollinator planting efforts are paying off, or whether it has been a good season for butterflies here and in Mexico, it is good to see the colorful, gentle insects fluttering around.

We hope the same is happening with honeybees and other important insects who pollinate so many of our crops.