Iran feeling the pressure

Tuesday was a tough day for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Members of his country’s parliament raked him over the coals because he has not done enough to keep the economy from crashing and burning.

What a shame.

Pardon our sarcasm, please. But news Iran’s leaders are becoming angry at each other in part because of U.S. economic sanctions is good to hear.

Unemployment is high in Iran. The nation’s currency is losing value. Smuggling has increased dramatically as Iranians become more concerned about making ends meet.

All that could come to an end if Tehran would cancel its nuclear weapons development and stop funding terrorism throughout the Middle East. U.S. economic sanctions would be lifted swiftly.

Members of the Iranian parliament are concerned that if the economy continues to slide, the radicals’ hold on power may be weakened. That would be a good thing.

Events in Tehran this week were evidence President Donald Trump’s strategy of putting pressure on the regime is working.

Keep up the good work.