Thumbs Up/Down

Newsprint tariffs

THUMBS DOWN: It’s bad enough that President Trump hollers “Fake News!” and other insults every chance he gets at the reporters who are assigned to cover his rallies, urging his supporters to turn around and boo. But now the Trump administration is going ahead with a tariff on Canadian newsprint that will hit newspapers across the country with higher costs on one of its most costly expenses.

The revised tariffs are not as bad as those announced earlier in the year, but they will still hit papers hard. Papers are responding by cutting production costs, printing fewer pages and laying off employees. We should note that the one and only U.S. paper mill that is benefitting from this tariff has said the stabilization of its market has allowed it to hire 60 new employees with 40 more in the works. The hundreds of laid off journalists across the country will shout “Whoopee!” about that.

LWV does it again

THUMBS UP: The New Ulm League of Women Voters provides a vital service for voters in the area, holding candidate forums so that candidates in local races can sit side by side and answer questions from the public.

The League held a forum for Brown County Sheriff candidates this week, prior to the Aug. 14 primary. The opportunity to listen to their answers and see them side by side will help voters make a better-informed choice on voting day.

Thanks, LWV.