Thumbs Up/Down

Quick acting heroes

THUMBS UP: Everyone knows that you put kids and water together in hot weather and there is going to be a certain amount of danger.

This week some quick thinking teens helped save a young swimmer at the Sleepy Eye waterpark. John Baures, 14, saw a younger swimmer go under at the pool and the youngster seemed to be in trouble. So Baures pulled him off the bottom as lifeguards sprang into action. Lifeguard Jacke Nesset, 16, started chest compressions while a woman who was at the pool, a registered nurse, started mouth-to-mouth. The EMTs arrived and took over. After treatment at Sleepy Eye Medical Center and New Ulm Medical Center, the youngster is doing fine.

Quick thinking and quick action helped save a life. Congratulations to all involved.

Slow acting heroes

THUMBS UP: Congratulations as well to the Thai Navy Seals all who were involved in the rescue of the 12 members and the coach of the youth soccer team from a flooded cave in Mae Sai, Thailand, this week. In contrast to the rescue in Sleepy Eye, this one had to be planned in excruciating detail to bring everyone safely through the dangers of the cave. The dangers of the rescue became obvious when one retired Thai Navy Seal who volunteered to help died when he ran out of oxygen while placing oxygen tanks along the way.

The 13 were brought to safety a few at a time over three days, and it wasn’t until the final rescuers emerged from the cave that the ordeal could be declared a success.

This was a rescue that riveted the world, and everyone is thankful that the boys and their coach are safe. It’s one of those rare events that unites the world and reminds us all of our fellowship in the human race.