Election in Mexico could benefit farmers

After weeks of destructive rains and tariffs targeting their crops and hogs, farmers in southwest Minnesota may have received some good news recently. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrandor is celebrating a shocking victory in Mexico’s presidential election. Obrandor quickly threw out an olive branch to President Donald Trump.

“I look forward to working with him,” Obrandor said. “At the appropriate moment, we are going to get in touch, to reach an understanding.”

Obrandor’s victory presents a good opportunity for the Trump administration to hit the pause button in the tariff war with Mexico. It also could be used as a spring board for further agreements with Canada.

The tariff war with our North American neighbors will inflict pain that will work its way down to farmers in southwest Minnesota.

This is an opportunity that the Trump administration should not pass up. Obrandor’s administration doesn’t take over until December, but he said he would like his team to get involved right away with trade talks. That is good to hear because Amercian farmers should not have to wait.


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