Hope for Republican immigration plan

With much of the nation’s attention last week focused on reining in North Korea’s aggressiveness, conservatives in Congress were making progress on another critical issue — immigration laws. Votes on the issue in the House of Representatives could occur as early as this week.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans Wednesday that a compromise immigration bill, one with a real chance of being adopted, has the support of President Donald Trump. That is excellent news for two reasons. First, of course, is the president’s support. Second is the prospect of a measure without hardline provisions that could doom it.

Even though Trump threw the issue of his support into question with a confused answer to a question about which immigration law he would support, the White House clarified that it is the plan the Republican leadership is developing that the president supports.

Details of the plan have not been released. One thing that is known is that it would provide “Dreamer” immigrants — those brought here at young ages by their parents or others — pathways to remain in the United States legally.

In addition, the proposal would toughen border security.

Clearly, the nation needs new immigration laws. They need to be fair but also strict in terms of keeping new illegal immigrants from coming into the country. If Ryan has come up with such a plan, it ought to be viewed favorably by House members.


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