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Keep cool this


THUMBS UP: Summertime is here with a vengeance this weekend. Heat advisories have been issued for the southern Minnesota area, with heat indices (heat plus humidity) in the 98 to 103 degree area.

So keep cool this weekend. Stay inside if you have air conditioning, drink plenty of water and don’t go hog wild on the yard work.

For parents with kids there are a few fun options. The city wading pools are open in Washington and Lincoln parks, and the swimming pool at Flandrau is open for all ages. These water features are a great asset to the city, and people should be thankful for the investment that went into them.

Remember Dad

THUMBS UP: This Sunday is Fathers Day, and we hope everyone will make a special effort to let Dad know how you feel about him.

It takes a special kind of man to be a father, a real father. The best are those who realize there can be no higher calling, no greater source of joy, nothing better to aspire to than to be a good father to their children.

So on Sunday, let Dad know you love him and that he has made a difference in your life. He’ll appreciate it.

Well-dressed voters

THUMBS UP: The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law this week that forbid wearing attire that carries a political message in a polling place. It is important that polling places be a place free from last minute campaigning and politicking. Posters and signs exhorting people to vote for this or that candidate are still not allowed, but if you want to wear your “Make America Great Again” cap while you vote, no one is going to be stopping you.

The justices, in a 7-2 vote, found the state’s prohibitions far too undefined. What constitutes a political message these days? It could be anything, depending on the issues at play. An NRA hat, for instance. A “Support the Second Amendment” T-shirt. When the state was debating whether to build new stadiums for the Twins or Vikings, even team caps and jerseys could have been considered political.

We think the best dressed voters, however, are those that wear a look of determination as they enter the polling place, and a smile and a red “I Voted” sticker on the way out.


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