A horrible idea for a video game

You thought “Grand Theft Auto” is a bad idea for a video game? It allows you to participate in all kinds of illegal activities and unsavory behaviors, glamorizing corruption and crime.

But it’s Super Mario World compared to a recently developed video game. “Active Shooter” allows players to pretend they are shooting up a school.

It’s hard to imagine someone is crass enough to develop such a concept in this time when so many school shootings have caused so much death and pain, and is tearing at our society.

Makers of the game claim it allows players to also take the role of SWAT team members sent to neutralize the shooters, but guess which role some budding sociopath will pick.

The game was set to be releasd on June 6 on an online gaming store called Steam, but Steam canceled the release after being bombarded with outrage from across the country, including from students and parents in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas.

The person who developed this game and anyone who even considered marketing and distributing it should be shunned by any decent society.


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