Our View: Political expression via Super Bowl ad? Why not?

Many people admit they watch the Super Bowl for the ads more than the game. Advertisers, who pay millions for 30 seconds of time, have taken to previewing their ads, putting out teasers and releasing them on YouTube to build the hype. Their goal is to be the ad that everyone is talking about around the water cooler the next day.

This year Budweiser is making big waves with an ad that focuses on social issues and politics more than Clydesdales. The ad features a young Adolphus Busch coming to America, facing a hazardous passage, hostile Americans, a steamboat fire, all so he can come to St. Louis and start brewing beer. The message in this era of building border walls and banning refugees from suspect countries is that immigrants, bringing their talents and dreams to this country, helped make America great.

This ad was no doubt in production long before anyone dreamed Donald Trump would become president, but its timing could not be more in the moment.

Those who support Trump’s immigration policies may take umbrage and claim this is no place for social activism, but why not? It’s a well-done ad with a strong message that also promotes the product. Sounds like a touchdown.