Thumbs Up/Down

Protesting Trump

THUMBS DOWN: We wonder what the people who are taking to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s election as president hope to accomplish. It is interesting that they are using their constitutional right to free speech to rail against the fair and legal election of the nation’s next president, done exactly according to the Constitution. Do they think they can undo the events of Nov. 8? It’s not going to happen, not for another four years, anyway.

It people are going to protest against Trump, wait until he does something worth criticizing. Chances are there will be plenty for his critics to rail against. When he proposes some objectionable policy, like a moratorium on Muslims or mass deportations, go ahead and object.

All Trump has done so far is win an election. He did it with a campaign that was not just “politically incorrect,” but often flat out rude and disgusting. But he appealed to enough voters in enough states to win. Protest all you want, but you can’t fault him for that.

Gridlock ahead

SIDEWAYS THUMB: Republicans rode the Trump wave to a successful election around the country, and in Minnesota. Minnesota Republicans strengthened their majority in the state House of Representatives, and took control of the Senate away from the Democrats. Gov. Mark Dayton, in the meantime, remains in the governor’s

That, as we learned in the past, is a recipe for gridlock. In 2010, the Republicans took over both houses of the Legislature, and Dayton narrowly won election after promising to tax the wealthy to balance the state’s budget. It set up an epic struggle over the state’s budget and taxes that didn’t end until after a 20-day shutdown of the non-essential state government functions following the 2011 legislative session.

This year there isn’t a $5 billion deficit to overcome, but the old argument of spending cuts vs. tax hikes will go on. In addition, there are the issues of transportation, bonding and taxes that didn’t get settled in the last session, and the Republicans are in a much stronger position to push their ideas.

We hope the powers that be will be intent on getting the legislation passed on time, and in negotiating legislation that won’t get bogged down in a 2011-style standoff.