Exciting school year ahead

Is your summer rushing by too fast??Consider the plight of students in the Sleepy Eye Public Schools who are heading back to school tomorrow – yes, tomorrow, a full two weeks before Labor Day. Most students will be heading back at the end of August, but New Ulm Public students are starting classes on Sept. 12, to accommodate the construction crews who will be finishing up work on the school changes.

The start of a new school year is always exciting, but for New Ulm Public students, everything is going to be new. From the high school to the early childhood edcuation programs at the Washington Learning Center, buildings are going to be new or remodeled. It will take some getting used to for students and staff alike, but we are sure the changes will be positive.

Of course, new buildings are great, but brick and mortar don’t educate students. Teachers do. We’re sure that they will turn this year’s experience into an exciting and memorable one for students in New Ulm.