Getting together to help kids

One of the most ambitious Park and Rec projects in recent memory is getting underway today at Hermann Heights Park, where a crew of volunteers is helping assemble and install the playground equipment for the new all-inclusive playground at the park.

When the projects is complete, with the pouring of a rubber play surface, kids will be able to play there, even the ones with limited mobility. The rubber surface makes it easy for kids in wheelchairs or walkers to get around.

The New Ulm Medical Center Foundation has been taking the lead on this, donating $50,000 toward the $200,000 total cost, and is helpig arrange crews of volunteers who will be helping install the equipment today.

We extend congratulations to all involved, from the NUMC?Foundation, to the Park and Rec Board and New Ulm City Council who gave their support, to all the volunteers who will be working today to help install the play equipment for the park. It is a wonderful thing they are doing for kids and for New Ulm.