Small deployments dangerous to troops

Pentagon officials said Friday they plan to meet soon with President Barack Obama to discuss sending more U.S. troops to Iraq to fight Islamic terrorists. Let us hope the conversation is militarily realistic, not politically correct.

As we have pointed out, Obama likes to remind Americans he is minimizing the number of U.S. boots on the ground in the Middle East. But that is not a prudent policy.

By feeding only a few small groups of U.S. troops into the fight, Obama gives those fighting the Islamic State little assistance -while providing tempting targets for terrorist attacks.

No matter how good American fighting forces are – and they are very good – a unit of, at most, a few score troops is vulnerable to a mass attack by the IS. Terrorist leaders would like few things more than to massacre an entire U.S. unit.

So when the generals sit down with Obama, they should make the point forcefully that sending a few more troops to Iraq may be politically correct – but it is dangerous idiocy from the standpoint of those boots on the ground.