Israelis unjustly criticized for defending themselves

Israeli leaders have been criticized roundly by officials in the U.S. and other countries – and yes, by many in the media – for their handling of the conflict against the Hamas terrorist organization.

It is true that Israeli bombs and shells have killed many Palestinian civilians, including children, in Gaza.

But stop for a moment to consider the other side of the coin:

– In less than a month, Hamas terrorists in Gaza have launched about 3,200 rockets at Israel. How many of them would have hit Israeli schools, hospitals, etc., had that nation’s Iron Dome missile defense system not stopped them?

– Hamas apologists claim Israel blocks economic and humanitarian aid from entering Gaza. But during the past few years, tens of millions of dollars’ worth of aid, including construction material, has gone into the Palestinian enclave. Much of it has been used to build tunnels the terrorists hoped to use to attack Israel.

– Hamas leaders make it clear their goal is not a homeland for Palestinians, but the destruction of Israel.

In effect, Israel is being condemned because it is winning in a fight for its very survival. That makes no sense – none at all.