Support Seifert for governor

Minnesota Republicans have a lot of choosing to do next Tuesday, especially in the governor’s race. There are five names on the Republican governor’s primary ballot: Jeff Johnson, who was endorsed at the state convention, and four challengers: State Rep. Kurt Zellers, former state rep. and House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, businessman Scott Honour, and Merrill Anderson, who was endorsed by the U.S. and Minnesota Veterans Parties.

Of that group, Seifert is the only candidate who possesses both the experience and background to handle the governor’s job, and the Greater Minnesota background that seems to be lacking in statewide elections this year.

Seifert was born in Springfield, grew up on a small family farm near Clements, graduated from Cedar Mountain High School. He attended Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, and has worked as a public school teacher, college admissions counselor, a Realtor, and head of a hospital foundation. He now runs his own small business.

In the Legislature he rose to the position of House Minority Leader, where he led the party’s opposition to the DFL’s tax and spend policies, but was also able to work across the aisle.

Four years ago, Republicans picked Tom Emmer in the endorsing convention, a candidate with a purer conservative background. Emmer did not do well against Mark Dayton and his tax the rich platform, a target Seifert would have pummelled.

Minnesota could use a governor who has the business, government and small-town Minnesota background that Marty Seifert offers. We encourage Republican voters to support him in next Tuesday’s primary.