Thumbs Up/Down

Dewanz honor

THUMBS UP: We can’t think of many people who are as deserving of an award for volunteer service as Opal Dewanz.

Dewanz was honored this week by the Minnesota Valley Action Council which presented her the Roger J. Wolfe Achievement Award, given to someone who exemplifies Wolfe’s tireless volunteerism and willingness to give of one’s time and energy for others.

Dewanz has been an active volunteer for years, giving of her time to a wide variety of senior programs, programs for people in need of assistance, and community betterment organizations.

Congratulations to Dewanz for this well-deserved honor.

E-pulltabs woes

THUMBS DOWN: Electronic pull tabs were once considered to be the next big source of revenue for Minnesota, so bountiful that the Minnesota Legislature thought they could be used to finance the Minnesota Vikings stadium. They never did catch on, and now the major distributor of the iPad games is ending operations at the end of the month.

The StarTribune reproted the news this week that Express Games will cease operations because of declining interest and a lawsuit between Express Games and a competitor.

Charities that are running the games have been caught short, with little notice given either to them or to the state.

Express Games founder Jon Weaver is apparently starting another company to supply these games. We wonder how excited his former customers will be to give him their business.

Windings expands

THUMBS UP: Windings, Inc. has had the kind of problem we’s like to see a lot of local businesses have. Windings has been growing beyond the capacity of its original New Ulm facility, and this week expanded into another building, one that formerly Amatek and later MCG, two electronics companies.

It’s always good to see local industries growing. Windings has been a solid employer and a good corporate citizen for many years now, and we hope this growth will mean more of the same for a long time.