Technology in classrooms

The trend toward introducing technology into classrooms has been going on for several years, and it is likely to continue. More and more we hear of school districts that are providing laptop computers or tablets to every student as a way to improve instruction, engage students, and save money on text books.

But it is still an expensive proposition.

The St. Paul school district, planning on leasing an iPad for every public school student, estimates it will cost $5.5 million the first year and $8 million each year after.

There are a lot of potential benefits to such a move, such as steering students to apps and online lessons that are tailored to their individual talents, and teaching them how to use technology in future careers.

It seems to be a trend that is coming fast. It was only seven years ago that Apple introduced the iPhone. Now smartphones of all kinds seem to be in everyone’s hands. How soon before tablets and mini computers are as ubiquitous as pencils in future classrooms?


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