Proud for Boston

On Tuesday Boston marked the anniversary of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, the most serious terrorist attack on U.S. soil since the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Three people were killed in the explosion of homemade bombs that were designed to maim and injure as many people as possible. The bombing suspects, brothers Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, also killed a police officer with MIT was also killed by the bombing suspects before Tamarlan was killed in a shootout with police several days after the bombing, and Dzhokhar was captured after a massive manhunt.

The two brothers, of Chechen descent, were protesting U.S. actions in Muslim countries by making bombs out of pressure cookers packed with explosives and shrapnel. They planted them near the Boston Marathon finish line, and the explosions caused gruesome injuries, loss of limbs. The death toll would have been higher but for the heroism of first responders and bystanders who rushed to the aid of the wounded.

In the past year the injured victims, and the city of Boston, have been tremendous examples of resiliency and strength.

The greatest sign of resilience is the turnout for next week’s Marathon. Some 36,000 runners, the largest field ever, are registered, and the crowds will no doubt be the biggest Boston has seen.

Boston is standing proud, and the rest of us can stand with them. They have set a strong example for the rest of the nation in their resolve in the face of tragedy.


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